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Your Epic Adventure is your premier service, matching Adventure Seekers of all levels with their next adventure – all over the world.

We challenge ourselves each day to make our site easy, affordable and effective for Adventure Providers, all while providing a beautiful, intuitive platform for Adventure Seekers to find and, even more importantly, book your experiences. We are frequent adventurers ourselves, so we understand how difficult it is for people to find all the information they need and easily make arrangements for their trips. We want Your Epic Adventure to be a solution.

Plus, we will regularly feature our services and Adventure Providers like you on our social media pages, which – combined with our sister companies Stay Outdoors and The Elite Outfitters – reaches nearly 70,000 followers with our daily posts. You no longer have to solely rely on your own marketing efforts; let us be your partner!

The most important thing you can do is ensure that your listing and contact information are current and up-to-date. You can update your info by logging into your Account, then editing as needed. Upload new photos, change availability, and more.

Our service provides information for Adventure Seekers to inquire directly with you via an online form or by reaching out through the contact information you have provided in your profile. All bookings are set up and completed between you and the customer.

Listing with Your Epic Adventure is just $360/year. That’s less than $1/day to connect with sportsmen all over the world looking for expeditions only you can provide!

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